By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 52nd Instalment of the series on the life and times of Detective Four Joseph Lind.

The eastern half of Australia is suffering its most severe drought ever recorded. The vast swathe of land in four eastern states has not experienced worthwhile rain in around several years. The very land is parched and bone dry with stock being sold off as the cost of feed and water to keep them alive becomes unsustainable during this very bleak period.

Many Farmers have walked away from their Properties, many have committed suicide.

This story describes the desperate needs of our Farmers while showing the bravery and resilience of the man and woman on the land. The story interweaves into the next Novella ‘The Last Step’ as the events out west is a concurrent investigation for our pair of Detectives.

The suicide rate out west peaks during a severe drought. A popular farmer dies in a back paddock of his property with the initial prognosis being that he had a heart attack. Upon completion of the autopsy, that belief is altered to one of suicide.

The country town folk and other neighbouring Cockies do not believe this much loved and respected farmer capable of taking his own life.

Detective Joseph Lind and his partner Detective Shelley Shields are allocated the Case of the sudden death of the farmer, presumably by his own hands. Their investigations soon becomes mired in the complications of outback living with Detective Lind working solo due to the sudden hospitalisation of Detective Shields. Lind is convinced there is more to this case than first thought. That is a simple suicide which requires a Report from him to present to the Coroner.

Easy as.

Who has the means and the reason to see this popular and loved man dea

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