By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 45th Instalment in the Novella Series concerning the life and career of Detective Joseph Lind of the Murder Squad.

His long-term partner, Shelley Anne Shields is confined to Hospital, struck down as her mother before her, experiencing similar complications when first becoming pregnant. Lind is very concerned that Shields will go the same way as his other long-term partner, Marjory Hendricks and prefer the life of motherhood over that of being a successful half of the Murder Squad team of Detectives.

Lind is paired with Detective Cameron De Foe. It soon becomes apparent that De Foe is a round peg in a square hole and not suited to a career in the Murder Squad. He has no empathy or spirit for the job … or is there a more sinister reason for his ineptitude? His lassitude?

How does a person prove their Identity? By what is in their wallet or purse?

If that goes missing, stolen, or lost, how does a person prove who they say they are?

Is it that difficult to overcome, or are the processes required to once again obtain those Proofs of Identity, of living, of surviving very problematic?

The Banks and Money Institutions of the World lose enormous amounts of money each year to Credit Card Fraud.

Identities stolen every day for various nefarious and illegal reasons.

Can you prove who you say you are?

Have you proof of Identity?

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Proof of Identity

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