The Edge of Doom
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The Edge of Doom


By Mash Keitumetse

Book Synopsis

A tragic love story with a sad ending. Marianne is running away from watching the love of her life with another woman: the man who introduced her to all the fantasies and pleasure of adulthood. She runs away heavily pregnant and dies in a hospital bed after giving birth to twins. The twins are separated and one is trying to dig up her past and look for her family.

In this quest, Mavis loses her dad and eventually finds out that the twin brother she been looking for is her boyfriend’s cheating lover, David. Mavis’s twin brother commits suicide after realizing that they are dating the same guy (Brian.) Can Mavis live on to endure the pain? Read on…


Marianne had hopes of a better future, at least she thought, after falling in love with a guy she had grown up to know as a brother. But it was not always like that. Her love for her brother cost her a life, and the life of her twins.

John knew from the beginning that he was calling for trouble for himself and for Marianne. She was young, naïve and unprepared. He couldn’t resist. The death of Marianne’s parents made every mistake possible for these two. Had they lived on, maybe, Marianne wouldn’t have had to go through a lonely, depressing pregnancy.

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