By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 44th Novella concerning the Homicide Cases of Detectives Joseph Lind and Shelley Anne Shields partnership.

Detective Lind is ordered to take extended Annual Leave after the harrowing deaths of three young kiddies that seriously affected all those who had even a peripheral responsibility with the Cases. After a ‘break’ of 10 weeks, Lind returns to work feeling refreshed and enthusiastic with life but not towards his return to the ‘coal face.’ Perhaps the usual reaction when the holiday is one of relaxation, laughter and joy … or maybe not!

What makes a good parent? A successful pair who steer their child with love, patience, tolerance, positive encouragement, and wise knowledge. A pair who learn by the mistakes of others and their own experiences? Who want to improve the lot for their children? Who want to encourage their children to achieve happiness in their chosen endeavour throughout their lives?

Are they in the majority?

There is more than one meaning that defines Child Abuse. Apart from sexual abuse, there is physical, emotional, and psychological abuse that also can have a serious effect on the well-being of that child growing up and entering adulthood.

With some, it is just a continuous verbal assault of negativity. Instilling a sense of insecurity and oppressive thoughts of one-self and the World onto the child.

Too often the effects cause outcomes that no-one wants to witness or experience. Often the parents of such a broken child will not accept responsibility for their bad parenting as the abuse occurred in another time…another place…for a worthwhile cause…according to their reasoning.

Too often the response is that the broken child is not of their doing … is not a product of their loins …

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Not of my Loins

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