By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 47th Novella in the continuing series detailing the career and life of Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind and his long term professional partner, Detective Shelley Anne Shields.

Two separate cases of a ‘Drive-by’ Shooting homicide causes the death of a former young felon,Joshua Blackwood and two weeks later, the deaths of Bradley Hammond and Lee “Betty” Po, his live-in partner. While there appears to be no connection between the two homicide Cases, the Detectives are continually drawn back to two firms who may have been involved in drug distribution and selling in the past. The Courier Van Business employs almost exclusively, former Inmates of the State’s Correctional facilities.

The Owner and Boss of the Firm is either touted as next in line for “Sainthood” or a person who could be corrupt, using young ex-criminals for nefarious purposes.

What is the connection between the two Cases and why is the Courier Business that had employed the young Blackwood as a driver, continually on the periphery of the investigation?

– – – – –

Can a criminal escape the life that was possibly inbred into him from an early age, refined further while mixing with hard-core felons while in Prison? Or do old habits die hard?

Would fellow felons permit a colleague to leave that life for an honest existence and would the Police, who see nothing but repeat offenders during their career, believe that an ex-Crim can choose and remain on an honest trajectory throughout their life, leaving that former life behind them?

Even for old, cynical Murder Detectives who have seen nothing but Criminals re-offending, old habits die hard.

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Old habits Die Hard

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