By Bradley Pearce

Book Synopsis

The second of the Kristina Trilogy…

Escaping the rigors of the NY trauma clinic Ned takes leave to trek from the Adriatic to the Black Sea. Crossing into the fabled lands of Transylvania, he makes camp at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. That evening a mysterious mist covers the lands shrouding his campsite and Ned awakens five hundred years back in time. Having been warned to leave, then being told he was never meant to. His destiny entangled with the Divine and a Witch’s unspoken prophecy, lest it changes events. Trapped in a twilight realm, a young girl must leave to meet a man that would save the world. A Mother Superior longing for a death that would never come. A King longing for a sleep that will never arrive. A son longing for the crown that will never be and a woman he cannot have. Ottoman ride the land seeking a peace, only to find war. Can Ned escape the cursed land? A curse where beasts roam at the blood moon. A curse that can only be lifted if the Heart finds an innocent home, free from sin. Father Michael watches on impassively, his hands bound by the covenant between God and Vlad Tepes. Dracula. And a small boy screams…

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The Mist

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