By Peter C Byrnes

Book Synopsis

This is the 46th Instalment in the Novella Series detailing the life and career of Murder Squad Detective Joseph Lind and his long suffering young partner Detective Shelley Anne Shields.

A Crime Stoppers phone call details a possible homicide that occurred in the early Nineteen-Fifties or Sixties. Around sixty years ago! Because of the claim of murder, our two favourite Detectives obliged to investigate the claim.

A woman watches horrified as her drug-fuelled son kills her husband then himself.

An aging Lothario, a “Man about Town” and a Mover and Shaker in the Commercial World of Sydney is shot dead outside his Eastern Suburbs Harbourside mansion. There are few suspects or a lot, depending on how you view the antics of the man throughout his adult life.

– – – – –

As we get older we tend to reminisce on one’s life. Recalling sometimes the silliest of episodes.

Our lives, as we travel through those recollections, take on a more innocent tone the older we get. Events become cloudy, negative things glossed over, sanitised, or even deleted entirely from our memory banks while those warm, fuzzy memories take on more importance.

Some couples become closer. Others drift apart while others stay together because it is comfortable while others grow to hate one another.

An elderly woman has lived her life with all those memories intact. A loving, loyal, and responsible husband. A clutch of six children now successfully forging their own way in the world. A family … and a life to be proud of.

That World suddenly is upended by a confession from her dying husband.

All those years of contentment, love and security shattered.

Is it the fantasy of a dementia riddled mind or the last chance for a man to unburden his soul before dying?
His deathbed confession has huge ramifications for all those who had loved the man.

Is a close, loving family destroyed because of it? Or is there strength to overcome the shock of the revelation?

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A Deathbed Confession

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